Ever since I met Greg, there was one particular quote he would always reference:

Are you happy because you are singing or are you singing because you are happy?

Music is one of Greg's passion ever since he was a child. At the age of 10, he asked his mom to take him to purchase his first Debbie Gibson cd. Cute isn't it? =) Following, he became a devout fan of Stevie Wonder and began mixing throughout the rest of his teenage years up till now.

This past weekend, Cheryl was in town and stayed with us. Cheryl is one of Greg's best girlfriends in college for over 10 years and she's a total sweetheart! Laid-back and articulate, she's definitely one to be up for a good chat session =)

While I was dropping her off at the airport on Monday, I realized I never asked her how Greg and her met. So I asked and the story went like this of how she remembers him:

It was freshman year orientation and Greg and Cheryl were in the same orientation groups with their respective parent. Each parent were to introduce their child and name the child's talent or skill. One by one, the parents were beaming with comments such as below:

"Hi my name is (blank). This is my son, (blank), he has been playing violin for over 10 years..."

"Hi my name is (blank). This is my daughter, (blank), she is a skilled dancer for over 5 years..."

They went around the circle and it was Greg's turn to be introduced by his dad. With a smile looking at everyone in the orientation group, Greg's dad began introducing, "Hi, my name is Ben and this is my son, Greg. He likes to play CD's."

From that day going forward, Cheryl's dad and herself included always remembered Greg and his dad. =)