Dinosaurs and Stones...

This month's theme for K-1 is dinosaurs and today, we had our Social Science activity, where the students are able to learn more about dinosaurs through participating in different centers or stations such as bingo, matching, arts and crafts and science experiments. I found the science experiment to be quite interesting in evaluating the students' reasoning abilities.

Many of the dinosaurs had narrow, pointed teeth, which were more suited to tear off plants rather than chewing them. Researchers also discovered stones in the stomach area of the dinosaurs when analyzing their bones and ruins. How do the two connect? The stones helped the dinosaurs grind their food and it acted as a gastric mill.

For the science experiment, we provided two large containers with stones inside them. We asked the students to throw in two handfuls of lettuce and shake the stones and lettuce for an entire minute. Once completed, they were given a worksheet to provide their hypothesis and reasoning such as:

What do you predict will happen?

Please draw your prediction.

What eventually happened?


After shaking the content inside the container, the lettuce was mashed by the stones and most of the students understood the meaning behind the experiment. I just thought it was such an interesting experiment considering I never had the opportunity to learn about the dinosaurs' digestive system this way growing up and thought it would be fun to share =)

Being all psyched about the dinosaur activities, we left to lunch and I was approached by one of my students. She came up to me and asked me, "Mrs. Lontok... guess what?"

"Yes?" I responded.

She pulled out a crumbled yellow post-it and held it between her chest with her two hands, not allowing me to take a peek and whispered, "Well, I have a secret note and you cannot tell anyone. It's about the dinosaurs."

"Oh really!? What is it?" I asked.

Her voice sank and she said,"This is a note saying in 1991, it was the last day all the dinosaurs were alive."

"No way! Did you know I was 11 when it was 1991?" I answered.

Her eyes widened and she replied, "I mean...I mean...nineteen-ninety-zero..."

hahaha...silly girl :D