Drama Intern

The more time I spend with the kids at school, I begin to realize how they are also influencing me as well, especially in the theatrical department. Yesterday, I came upon one of the K-1 girls and she was lying down with her hand covering her face, fingers sprawled apart.

She grunted, "Ugh...oh...ugh..."

Of course, I took notice and went up to her and asked, "(Blank), you seem upset. What's bothering you?"

"Mrs. Lontok...it's just the sun keeps following me and you want to know something else? The moon follows me too," she replied. "But you know what? The sun bothers me a lot and the moon does not bother me as much."

This conversation reminded me of a particular morning where Greg's alarm was going bonanza! Mind you, it was the new alarm clock I gave him too. But I never experienced the ring until that one morning and it was a constant beeping sound. The alarm beeped....Greg was still sleeping awaiting the snooze to just hit by itself....and I was forcing myself to ignore the alarm, hoping Greg would eventually hear it. Apparently, Greg mentioned I said something which motivated him to run to the alarm and I had no recollection of the conversation. The story went a little something like this...

Alarm beeped...

Greg was still sleeping...

In a grouchy voice, I said, "Greg, please wake up....it's beeping so loud...I'm going to have a heart attack!"

Yes, I'm guilty of the melodramatic demeanor even when I'm asleep! Luckily, my awesome husband knows it's nothing personal when I'm sleepy =) If he didn't, he knows now as he might be reading this :D