Happy New Year!!

It's been quite some time since I have last updated due to preparing for the CSET. The exam was from 8am till 1pm last Saturday and I am just ecstatic that it is completed. Honestly, some questions I felt baffled, but I guess it's all part of the whole experience. I'm just happy it's done for now and inside, I knew I gave it my best...so that's all that matters right? =)

On new year's eve, I fell into a deep sleep, where each detail of the dream I am able to recall it vividly. Lately, I've been attending Bar Method, a workout comprising elements of yoga, pilates and ballet. Through each session, I have been trying to improve my flexibility at the barre to emulate the perfect poses of my instructors. Along with this barre stretch are the splits, an area I have been struggling for the past few weeks.

In my dream, I was discussing the Bar Method class with Greg and his mom. We talked about poses and even the infamous splits. Following the conversation, I immediately tried to get into the splits and all of a sudden, I fell...I fell right into it! In a split, my jaw dropped as I looked at Greg and his mom.

"It's my first time...I actually did it, I can't believe it!" I exclaimed.

Right at that moment, I woke up from my dream on New Year's Day and realized the dream was still a dream =). But to have the chance to experience of how it could possibly feel achieving it was simply too good for words.

Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! May this year be a perfect split of blessings and joy! Sending positive vibes for 2009 resolutions =)