Meet my mentors!!

Bev and I met each other at LMU freshman year in our math class, which was scheduled at 8am. Oh dear! What were we thinking and why did no one tell us it was a bad idea? For me, I came in with the conviction that college would just be like high school. 8am, that's nothing...I went to school at 7:30am in high school. I was definitely in for a rude awakening upon my first year =).

Through the years, our class schedules moved from morning to the afternoon and then, it crept into the evening. Class time became catch-up time. Our last year in particular was a defining moment for Bev. One day during our spring semester, she ran to Tricia and I going over all the details of a particular fellow she met and I can honestly still rememer the expression and joy in her face. If I was able to turn a mental picture into something tangible, it would be that moment.

Bev and Ja, you guys are perfect for each other =)

Here are some pics from the shoot three weekends ago for Bev's project. I was able to get some shots of them together as well!! Don't they look AD worthy? :D