Tag...I'm It...

I was tagged by the lovely Bern to share 15 facts about myself that most people don't know and here it goes:

1) I was born in Songkla, Thailand on June 5th, 1980 at 9:30am. My family resided there for about 6 months before we were sponsored to Michigan to start a new life in this country.

2) Tam Minh Thi Vu - This name was given to me by my grandpa. Tam stands for compassion. Minh is my brother's name, who found a place in heaven at the age of 3. I was never able to meet him, but I still think of him often whenever I visit the beach at night because it was my parents' last memory of him.

3) One of my favorite memories growing up is going home to my dad after school and he would have a sketchbook and instruction video ready for Jim and I to practice drawing. My dad would sit there and be available for us if we needed any type of guidance.

4) Attending Saturday school for over 14 years, it enabled me to understand and decipher semaphore and morse code. Sounds dorky, but I would get all excited when we had to translate the codes during our camp challenges. It would be the highlight of my camping trips! We had to write out the phrases from morse code spelled on a tree with a flashlight and decoding flag symbols on a piece of paper written by candle wax, where we would have to dip it in water to realize there was a message and hold it over any type of light.

5) I enjoy good food, company and conversations. Whether it's cooking at home and entertaining or trying out a new spot, I'm always open for a great time.

6) Staying in and reading a book on a rainy day is one of my favorite past time activities.

7) In this lifetime, I hope to have the chance to learn how to speak Mandarin, Spanish, and Tagalog. These languages along with Vietnamese are in demand for English Language Learners in the public school system.

8) My lifelong dream is to build a preschool. Right now, I feel as if I'm still building myself and taking in all of my experiences to become more mindful. I want to be able to provide for students who have potential, but do not have the resources to fall back upon. Preschool for the reason that it sets the foundation for the students. It is their discovery period and I would love to be a part of that phase in their life.

9) My hobbies include photography, art, music, piano, reading, working out, traveling, jewelry making, crafting, ceramics, musicals, reading and writing. I figure I list since I can't pick one, I can be so indecisive at times :D

10) Two of my short stories have been published in college, where I wrote about the trials and tribulations of a family in Vietnam and the concentration camp experience for the Japanese Americans.

11) When Greg and I retire, we plan to join the Peace Corps together.

12) It makes me squirm when people lick their finger to page through the newspaper. I'm not sure why, but it always caused me to tingle growing up.

13) I fear rodents...all types of rodents. I will hold my breath for dear life if I see a rat, mice, hamster, chinchilla or possum. Put one near me and I'm sure a tear and yelp will come out.

14) I'm an astrology fanatic. From moon signs, sun signs and numerology, it fascinates me =)

15) My husband, Greg is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I tag Bernie, Bev, Het, Maybeth and Sheryl! :D