Bon Appetit...You May Eat!!

After visiting Seattle and exploring the Lowell's restaurant for brunch in Pike Place Market, Greg and I absolutely fell in love with their blueberry muffins. These babies are not just your everyday muffins, the muffin tops overflow the entire bottom. It's quite the palatable treat!

Just to paint a picture, Greg and I were seated on the second floor of the restaurant overlooking the water. It was a cozy, cloudy day or as most Seattleites would say, a nice weather day. We ordered an oyster omelet, king crab omelet and a blueberry muffin. Once I picked up the warm muffin and took a bite, my eyes widened as I was chewing it. In my mind, I couldn't wait to gush about these darn muffins to Greg. But of course, trying to be a lady in a public setting, I decided to chew first and then speak. =)

Below is a pic of these muffins:

So it's been two weeks and I just thought about them again today. It was as if I went on a great date and now I'm ready to take it to the next level. What did I decide to do? I researched for Muffin Top Pans! I had no idea they ever existed and I am absolutely delighted! If anyone is craving a blueberry muffin...holla!!! =)

Aside from this savory treat, we were also able to hangout with the Seattle Crew (aka Bossch, Josh, Charlene and Karen) in Bellevue. Thanks so much for the awesome time! Hope you guys visit LA soon!!