Practicing What I Preach...

Around noon each day, the students would gather at their desk to eat their lunch. They would set up a placemat and raise their hands accordingly to have me check their food and say, "Bon appetit, you may eat!"

The only reason why I would check their food is due to the reason that we enforce a peanut free zone to create a safe environment for all of our children. During their lunchtime, I would also read them a story from our book collection. Once in awhile, I would be distracted by a student eating their dessert before their actual meal. With a smile, I would then say, "(Name), I know you can make better choice of what to eat first. Try eating your meal before you spoil your appetite. Just give me three bites and let me know how you feel afterwards..."

Enforcing this rule with the kids, you would think I would impose the same restrictions on myself. But nope...not at all. In fact, this evening I called Greg on my way home from work and asked, "Greg, you think I could have the shaved ice bowl with red beans, grass jelly and boba for dinner? It's just so good, I rather eat that instead. Is it healthy?"

In hope of Greg answering what I tried to convince him to say, I pouted when he answered, "No, it's not healthy...geez babe. Well, you can have that as dessert, it's not too bad but not just for your dinner."

With all that said, I was smiling cheek to cheek walking to Volcano Tea. I figured I met the protein requirement with the red beans and my vitamin intake with the grass jelly. As for the tapioca balls, there's really no explanation aside from taste. Last but not least, the condensed milk for the topping! Without the condensed milk, it'll take me home...but with it, it takes me out of town =)

On that sweet note, happy happy birthday Maybeth!! =)