Life Evolving

Just the other week, I was perusing the shop at my local gym. They were having a trunk show from the Life Evolving brand. I immediately fell in love with their concept, which stands for the following:

Love Life
Give Life
Respect Life
Cherish Life

With all that said, I purchased a t-shirt with the following print on it:

The forces of change are set in motion.

My life enters a new cycle, as surely as the wheel of fate does turn.

I leave behind all that is old and outworn, all that gives stress.

I move into a new life and new situations.

I create new beginnings, new surrounding where I am becoming much happier and much more able to enjoy my life in working towards this goal.

I will not cease from striving.

I am alert to every opportunity that comes my way.

I make every opportunity to transform and brighten all which is around me.

I make this vow to all aspects of myself now.

And I ask my angels and mighty I am presence to assist me in manifesting all the changes that need to be made in my life here and now and so it is.

Everything that I need in coming to me quickly and easily under grace and in perfect ways.

Everything that I need to know is manifesting right here and right now.