2:15pm is the signature time where we ask our students to pack up their bags and get them ready to go home. Today was the last day of school for this week since tomorrow is our staff development day. In the midst of their excitement of having a three day weekend, we left them with a little reminder, "Remember friends, we are going to vote next week!" In saturation of the K-1 environment, we were referring whether an ice cream sundae party or pajama party is more preferable to their liking.

Exemplifying their savviness and involvement in the world around us, one of the students shrieked with excitement and said, "I know how to vote! I'm voting for Obama." Then the rest of the class chimed in with their political stance with great reasoning and depth for an age group of 5 to 7 years. My heart smiled immediately because I was proud of their awareness and how at such a young age, they are learning how to be great leaders and citizens one day.

While one student was drawing "Vote for Obama" on an easal, I was conversing with two other students about why they were voting for Obama and not McCain. One mentioned, "Obama is smart, awesome and he's just cool. My mom is voting for McCain, but I made my own decision to vote for Obama on Nickelodeon Kids Vote. I don't like McCain, but I have to be nice because everyone has their own opinion." Then, one of the girls said, "I'm voting for Obama because he is smart and he's handsome."

Aren't they cute? =)

On another note, happy happy birthday Bossch!!