Married Life

It’s been only two weeks and I cannot help it, but to share my thoughts and reaffirmation of walking into this marriage two evenings ago. Greg and I just came back from our weekend getaway/mini-honeymoon in Santa Barbara on Sunday. We decided to continue the “wedding spirit” by cooking dinner together, I was in charge of making the brown rice and Greg made his famous chicken adobo. It would still count as cooking for me right? After all, I did wash the rice 3 times and measured how much water was involved to make sure the consistency is fluffy. :)

After dinner, I was staring at my computer with my school assignments in one tab, emails on the next, wedding slideshow in another and my calendar in the last tab. All of a sudden, I blurted, “Oh no, I need to complete my traffic school by September 30th…”

Hands on each side of my face, elbows rested on the dinner table, lips slightly puckered down and eyes looking directly at my computer, I could not find the time to accommodate traffic school. In a state of contemplation, Greg followed with words that lifted the whole entire universe off my shoulders, “If you want, I can do the traffic school online for you? When is it due by?”

Smiling cheek to cheek, I responded, “OMG, are you serious? This would mean the WORLD to me!”

Greg laughed and said, “Geez babe, what a look of total submission! You just have to promise me not to get any more speeding tickets and not realizing how fast you were driving is not an excuse.”

“You got it! I know I use to say that I love you so much I can marry you…but since I cannot say that anymore since you know…how about I say, I love you so much that I can bear your children one day…” :)

So after I knew Greg would do traffic school for me, I fell in love all over again :).