Happy Valentine's Day and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRICIA!!

It's been a month long and this blogging is way overdue. What has happened within the last month? Just been going to school, year-end hustle bustle at work, dining out and catching up with friends, wedding related ordeals and retreat sessions. Anyhow, in the spirit of the holiday, I decided to blog again=).

Greg and I are not huge on this event, so early on this year we decided to start a tradition. Instead of going to the usual dinner, we decided to start going to mass on Valentine's Day as a way to celebrate our life and spirituality with God. Some may say, are you serious? But really, I'm looking forward to going to mass with him tonite. It'll be a good time to reflect and pray for all the people we care and love. Also, we decided to forgo the whole idea of gift giving for Valentine's Day and replace it by creating a list of 14 things we are grateful and we'll keep it in our timebox for our future grandkids one day. This way, we can stop worrying about what gifts to get for each other and use that energy of being grateful for what we have...with all that said, I'm grateful to have you in my life Greg....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! =)