Super Duper Excited!!

Ever since I became a member of Yelp, I'm discovering all these little mini-events and things to do in the area. I love this site, the people on this site give their honest perspective and dating an internet guru like Greg, I was immediately sold and becoming more of an avid blogger/reviewer on Yelp. One event I am definitely looking forward to is LA Restaurant Week. Oh my, this one hit home for me. There are so many places I would like to try out and it's awesome because I get to enjoy all the food at more than half the usual cost!

The set price includes a 3 course meal and you can choose deluxe or premium for lunch or dinner. Most likely since I would like to attend as many as I can, dinner is going to have to be suffice because there is no way I am getting out of work for lunch. Unfortunately, I work market hours and it's a no go. The event will take place from January 27th to February 1st and February 3rd thru February 8th! Lunch prices are at $15/$22 and dinner ranges about $25/$34 depending if you choose deluxe or premium. If you take a peep at the site below, you are able to see which restaurants are participating and the menu to boot!

Let me know if you care to join me because I'm going to be all over this madness! Ciao! =)