Happy Friday!!

Yay! This short week is over and I'm looking forward to start this weekend. I'm getting excited thinking about my little activities and emphasis on "active." After work, I'm heading out to the Santa Monica Stairs to put in a good hour of trudging those stairs while listening to my favorite tunes. Then, I'm going to have Power Yoga session at Bryan Kest's studio in Santa Monica. It will be my first time practicing yoga at this studio and I wanted to check it out due to the rave reviews on Yelp. Also, I thought it was pretty cool how the classes are based on donation with of course, a recommended donation of $12 per class, which is not bad considering the average cost for Power Yoga classes.

Later on in the evening, I will be hanging out with my little brother, Steven. We'll probably stay at home and watch the "Letters from Iwo Jima." Tomorrow morning, I'll start off the day by taking a cycling class and then meet up with the Southbay crew for a hike or walk. The rest of my Saturday will just be consumed of errands and getting my oil change and serviced. After the car situation is handled, I'll be going over to Maile's place to study, hangout and watch "The Namesake."

As for Sunday, I'll be doing Bikram Yoga in the morning and it'll be another family day! =)