One Semester Down....

On my way home yesterday, I was doing a little victory dance in my mind as I was smiling =). I'm officially done with this first semester and it feels so great! Seriously, I think the toughest part about school is making time for it. It's not the content or material, it's finding the time to do the projects, group works, papers and etc. Now I can relieve a sigh and not think about till January.

Aside from school, the holidays is always a fun time during the year. Only thing is I need to finish all my Christmas shopping, writing out cards and create a menu for the Christmas dinner.

Playing catch up, I celebrated April's birthday on Friday. It was a lot of fun, too much fun. Saturday and Sunday, I was hybernating and studying at Tricia's and Jonas' place for finals.

This week, here is my schedule in brief:

Tuesday: Vu Family Dinner with Greg

Wednesday: Happy Hour and Dinner at Ra Sushi with Thitam, Thithoa, An and Trinh

Thursday: Christmas Dinner with LMU girls - Theresa, Maybeth, Katie, Yajaira, Carmen, Deva and Lidia

Friday thru Sunday: Napa Valley with Grace and Kevin. They got us a trip for our engagement gift! So sweet of them!! I totally lucked out in the in-laws depts =)