Perceptual Illusion

In educational psychology, they indicated we learn about perceptual illusion and can identify if mass is equal if we put it in a rectangular vase or a cylinder at the age of 9. Today, I went to the coffee shop in University Hall at Loyola Marymount University. I ordered the usual, a large iced nonfat chai latte. The barista gave to me the small iced version and I questioned her, "Is that a large?"

She did not question and started opening the lid to pour it into the large cup. Guess what? She poured all of the small size chai latte into the large cup and it filled up the large the entire way. As I was observing, I was stunned at how I paid an extra dollar for the same amount of chai. The barista glimpsed at me and she realized what I was noticing, so what did she do? She poured a dash of milk into it and it overfilled and spilled all over the large cup, whereas the small size portion would have fit perfectly into the large size cup.

Can you believe they do to their students? Making more money off us? Aya! Now I know to just order a small next time...a fluke turned into a blessing =)