What Excites Me Lately?

Honestly, I cannot wait to get all my research papers done! I'm really putting my heart and soul into these papers because according to LMU criteria, you will be on academic probation if you have less than a B. Isn't that lame? I'm saying this as I twinge my nose a bit. So as of late, each time I edit my paragraph and make sure if the tone, grammar and spelling is what I want to deliver, I can't help but sigh a relief and look forward to so-and-so more pages to write. After this weekend, I can finally relax and just kick back till finals =).

Aside from school, there is a Stuart Weitzman sample sale thrown by Billion Dollar Babes this Friday. I am absolutely ecstatic since their shoes are very cute, durable and most importantly, very comfy. Plus, how can I forget? They are one of the few names that can accomodate to my long toes and will not give me toe cleavage...yay! I am so self-conscious when shoes give me toe-cleavage and if it pass that requirement, that's usually the time I really decide if I want the shoes or not =)

After the sale, I'm going to meetup with Thitam and make it a low-key evening. She's going to work on her goals for 2008...isn't she cute? =) I'm going to be working on my so-called thesis. Saturday morning, I'm going to meet up with Greg, Katie and Tricia for outlet shopping in Camarillo and in the evening see Enchanted!!

As for Sunday, it will be my first half-marathon that I am ever so looking forward to do since I have not stepped on a treadmill for over a month now. Yikes! Seriously, the only thing close to exercise I have been doing is typing. So please pray for me as I go on with my pilgrimage to the land of hopes and dreams =)