One Month Ago....

It's been exactly a month since I've last blogged and I'm quite disappointed in myself to know that I've been so consumed not taking enough time to journal and appreciate what has been going in my life and as well as others thus far. Thanksgiving was last weekend and as I drove home from work the following day playing christmas carols in the background, I had to think and reflect and cannot believe how one year has just passed by. Back on to the drawing board of what would I like to work on to improve the coming year and think about all the things I was not able to accomplish this year and add it to my list of goals for 2008.

As far as life in general, I've been seriously running on a skeleton. Stressed? No. Frazzled? No. Overwhelmed? Just a tad bit. These last two weeks of school reminded me of all the things I forced out of my memory circa 2002. Never had I written so many papers in my life! Geez, I can dictate a novel with my eyes closed at this point. But it's all good, work hard, play hard right? That's my motivating motto lately =)

To keep everything to date, my memorable moments from end of October till now:

- Midterms: After I took my midterms, it was a turning point for me. I realized that I no longer had to highlight and read my textbooks. Oh the joys of figuring out what is neccessary! =)

- Theresa's move to her new condo! Congrats!! We banged out that mission in a two hours.

- Yvette's Baby Shower - she's having a baby girl! how exciting!!

- Halloween Party - all I can remember is Tricia being a referree and blowing her whistle saying, "Foul, move on out!"

- Greg's cousins from the Phillipines - Blair, Benji and Betina vacationing in the States for two weeks. It was so much fun!!

- Going on a cruise with Greg's family to Ensenada

- Greg's 28th Birthday Celebration at Lucky Strike! Thanks everyone for making it out! Thanks Greg for taking down those shots as if they were slurpies! =)

- Greg's Birthday dinner with the Lontoks at Buca Di Peppo

- Magic Mountain with Greg's cousins: It was hilarious, I think it was a reversal of roles. I actually won Greg two stuff animals! I gave myself a pat on the back for the shooting game. Haha!

- My brother, Steven's birthday!!

- Chopping my hair off two inches past my chin. How do I feel? Energized =) I honestly felt as if my hair was weighing me down..haha. It was so nice to cut it and I feel it matches my personality. As I was telling Tricia, I always associated long hair with gracefulness and ultra-femme and seriously, if you know me...I am a far cry from it. I spill everywhere and when it gets on my clothes, I just shrug and move on like nothing happened. Plus, it's very low maintenance, I love how I can blowdry my hair in 3 minutes! =)

- Het's Beauty Pageant - she was one of the top 10 semi-finalists for Ms. India California...congrats beauty queen!

- Going to SF for Sarah's and Shane's Wedding!! They had an absolutely beautiful wedding. All the details were not to be forgotten. It was so much fun to boot! I will definitely post more info about their wedding on Wedding Republic. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day!! Greg and I are so happy for you two! =)

- Hanging out with everyone for Sunday brunch in SF at Thai Spice. Loved the food and loved the company even more so =) Thanks Grace, Kevin, Virginia, James, Cheryl, Ruby, Loi, Sheryl, Chrstine, Marvin and Nick for making it out!

- Tea Tasting with Grace and Kevin! This was a lot of fun. It's like wine tasting, but with tea instead. I dropped $$ here. No joke. But it was worth it =) I figure if I can buy wine bottles, I can buy something healthy and good for me! I ended up buying a tea to drink to energize me in the morning, a calming one for pms and anxiety, a digestion tea and complexion tea. Yeah, I was all over it =) If you want to check it out:

- Thanksgiving Weekend - Jim came home!! =)

- Tricia's and Jonas' Thanksgiving Dinner!! Thanks for having us! You guys are such amazing hostesses and cooks!! Loved the food! I'm all about the mac n' cheese and the shepherd pie.

- Mark San. B's going away party to SF - good luck in your new venture!! wishing you the best that life has to offer and may you always feel blessed and remembered =)