New Found Love....

I'm so excited about this new camera purchase! It is absolutely amazing! It was so random how it happened too. I was talking to Markie on aim and I asked him, "So, do you know any good SLR's?"

Markie - "OMG, I was asking Ja the same thing today? About an SLR camera"

Me - "No way! So what did he say?"

Markie - "I was checking out the Canon from Costco since it was on sale and wanted to know if it was a good deal for that camera. He said it was good."

Me - "Oh really? That's cool, I've been wanting one for the longest time."

Markie - "Check out this link, it's on sale at Dell. Let's both buy it right now. Greg is probably going to think 'WTH' tomorrow morning? haha"

Me - "Let's do it! hahaha"

Markie - "What color are you gonna get?"

Me - "I'm not sure, maybe black? How about you?"

Markie - "Then I'll get silver."

Me - "Hmmm...what do you think? What suits my personality more?" (being the girl that I am)

Markie - "Let's both get black, the pros don't use silver."

Me - "hahahaha...okay okay, good point. "

After a few clicks at 1am, Markie and I found our new love! lol Talk about emotionally shopping huh? I am so excited about this just have no idea! I even got it delived one-day delivery for an extra charge of $16 and got it a day later. Lo and behold, Markie did not pay for the one-day delivery and opted for free shipping and guess what? He got it the same day I did! Scam, I'm telling you. So if they every opt for free shipping at Dell, go for it! So anyhoo, thanks sooo much Markie!! =)

Two days later, I had to get some accessories to protect it. Here are the latest purchases! A camera bag and a CF card....lovin' it!!

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