Bullet Point My Favorite Moments in September:

- Surprise Engagement Party by Family and Friends (will be posted on Wedding Republic)

- Hanging out with Het for her Birthday Shindig at One Sunset - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HET!! =)

- Greg Diaz's Birthday in Rosarito - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG D.!!! =)

- Spending time with family and friends

- My lazy bum day with Tricia and Jonas

- Sleeping in every morning =)

- 10K Nike Run

- Cirque du Soleil and dinner at Royale for Rosie's Birthday - Happy Birthday Rosie!!! =)

- Labor Day Birthday party for Darryl, Alex and Ade =)

- News that Lani and Franz are engaged =)

- Having crepes with Lidia and Theresa

Seriously, aside from the lay-off, I can smile looking back at all the highlights =)