English Language Development

Last night I attended my first class for "English Language Development," and it was very interesting. My professor is Dr. Jennie Green and she is absolutely amazing. Very talented and definitely a person who practices what she preaches. She can speak several languages which includes French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and I'm sure more that she did not mention. This time around, going to school is very refreshing at the graduate level. I guess it goes in hand that I'm doing something I actually want to do and enjoy. No longer do I try to take notes, but just focus on listening to the lectures.

The class is more based on psychology and it focuses on the integration of various cultures and how we can use it to our advantage to unite the rest of the world. Some key points from our discussion that I remembered:

- ESL (English as a Second Language) is now referenced as ELD (English Language Development). Reason being is that it should not be considered a weakness to have language be noted as someone's second language, but it could possibly be there third or fourth. Therefore, they changed it to ELD to be more politically correct.

- It's amazing how the rest of world still practice their tradition, yet wholeheartedly embrace the American culture with regards to customs, food and etc. The only thing they might be against is our government (of course). But go anywhere around the world and you'll be able to find a McDonald's in places such as The Forbidden City, next to a pyramid, and etc. It is important for us to take in other cultures as well. In the end, we're all the same. Language should not segregate us from exploring more. As long as we know the basics, our possibility of seeing the world is boundless. It's similar to swimming, as long as we know the basics of swimming, we can feel comfortable jumping into our own pool, community's pool or even a hotel's pool. It might feel a little different at first, but at least we'll be able to get through it and become comfortable.

- High expectations coupled with high support should be the emphasis when teaching students and raising kids. One more than the other destructs the balance and causes issues. For instance, only having high expectations cause the kids to be hard on themselves and never feeling that they are good enough. It creates a complex within themselves and parents tend to be more harsh. As for high support, the children are free to do anything they desire or want. However, it might lack guidance and not push the child to be the best they can possibly be. But if you couple them together, you are able to enable the child to be at its fullest potential by pushing and supporting them.

- In 1974, a lot of the Vietnamese population resided in Texas and all in one day moved to California and created Little Saigon (Garden Grove). This apparently was no accident and with the help of the Republicans during that time, they were able to all migrate over. It explains why a lot of Vietnamese are Republicans, something I am definitely not really proud to share since I'm a Democrat. I feel that maybe many of the Vietnamese feel commited to be Republicans because of the commitment from our past, however, we are in America and should value our freedom of choice.

Overall, excellent class and I am definitely looking forward to this semester! =)