Back to School

Once it turned 4pm today, I logged off my computer and gathered my stuff quickly out of work. I was on my 42 mile ride towards LA from Thousand Oaks and went to the 24 hour fitness in Slauson for a brief running session in preparation for the Nike Run Hit Remix. After the gym, I went to Office Depot to buy my school supplies. Did you know filler paper for your binder only costs $.15? Are the prices of school supplies plummeting along with the value of real estate? It's either that theory or maybe buying school supplies felt a lot more when I was going to school since I was on "school" budget.

Well after I picked up my notepads, pens, highlighter and folder. I sorted all my supplies and was ready for my "first day of school." Oh how weird it was to be sitting in a classroom all over again. The professor came in and introduced us to Educational Psychology. He appeared to be a laid back professor and very knowledgeable. It looks as if we're going to have a busy semester. He's one of those professors who are hard, but you'll be able to learn a lot, which is awesome, but intimidating at the same time. He seems to be a TA when it comes to grading. Who takes off a grade for not attending class in the graduate level? Bleh!

But other than the first impressions, I'm excited about the class. Psychology has always been one of my favorite subjects during college and to be able to learn how it applies to education should be an interesting process. More updates to come, it's time for me to call it a night!