Current State in Life: Restless

Geez, this whole month of August just flew by with a blink of an eye. I can't even recall all the activities and events that I attended. Thank goodness for google calendar. This past weekend, Greg, Greg D, Katie and I went to Vegas for our bowling tournament at "The Orleans" hotel. It was a lot of fun! I actually took it more seriously this time around. Usually during our regular league schedule, I really don't focus as much. But when push comes to shove, I actually tried to put my mind to it. I never knew how much thinking and focusing is involved in bowling. I thought it would be more of a leisure activity, I guess it changes once all the movements become natural through practice.

Aside from bowling, we had dinner at Smith and Wollensky, it was sooo good! I treated myself to an Australian lobster. Yumm! We also had some John Anthony wine to go along with it. What a superb taste to it, you can even taste it after a minute you sip it. After dinner we went to VBar at the Venetian hotel, very chill and fun place! It reminded me a lot of the lounges in New York. Katie even took two shots! Woohoo! =)

We then drove back Sunday around noon and didn't get back till 8pm. There was so much traffic going back and plus the rain did not help any. I felt so bad for Greg D., he was driving the whole way. I am tired today and I didn't even have to drive.

Tonite, I'll be attending my first class in a very long time! It's going to be on Child Psychology. It should be interesting. I really hope I don't fall asleep, class is from 7pm till 10pm and I hope my attention span can last throughout the 3 hours. I wonder if we could take our laptops in class and pretend we're taking notes...haha...I'm kidding, I'm actually looking forward to my classes this time around. At least it's pertinent to what I want to do later on.

With regards to wedding planning, the ceremony and reception has been booked! Thank goodness! Honestly, I think the hardest thing for me right now is finding my gown. Everything just looks the same after awhile. I've seen a few I loved, but way out of my range. I'm just waiting for that "one" with the light surrounding it that everyone talks about. Renee Strauss says, "The barometer of the way you feel about a dress should be like falling in love, once you find it, you want to stop looking." Good luck to me! It's still early in the process so I'm kind of lax about it, but I'm sure once December gets around, I'll be in shopping mode again =)