Bridal Bargains 8th Edition by Denise and Alan Fields

Ever since engagement mode came to practice, I was in search for a wedding planning book or resource and last Friday while at Borders, I ran into "Bridal Bargains 8th Edition."

What grabbed my attention was the big font stating, "Seen On Oprah" and of course, me being a fanatic of Oprah, it was the book I decided to take a peek and see. It was fate after reading the first few pages. This is basically your encyclopedia version of USWeekly for the bridal industry. I loved it! It is not your typical fancy smancy book giving you all the fluffs of a wedding, but it really gives you the meats and potatoes of it so you can survive and be knowledgeable of what resources are available to you. I was completely amazed of all the information provided, I am on memory overload as of this point and still have a lot to read to complete. I want to finish the whole book before I start planning anything so Greg and I can be aware of everything involved and I'm so glad we have this book! It'll be our guide till the wedding in 2008!

Some points that I can recall:

The Knot - Friend or Foe? The Knot brought in $25MM of advertising sales within the last year. All of their vendors are people they were able to sell advertising space and it does not mean all their vendors have been reviewed by The Knot. It just means they booked a space and they'll try to get as many as possible. This is where quality is jeopardized by quantity.

Designer Wedding Gowns - Some designers have their gowns made and sent to certain boutiques. However, there are times when these gowns would be replicated at the warehouse and sold to smaller boutiques for almost 75% of the current retail price. Shocker right? Shop carefully and if you can, get a seamstress that can duplicate the gown or find a warehouse that replicates the gown and sells it somewhere else.

Costco Does Weddings - This made me do a double take. Costco actually supplies flowers and wedding invitations for a great price. I was just surprised that they ventured into the wedding industry. In the costco website, they have a tab where you click "floral and events" I think...then it leads you to wedding invitations, centerpieces and etc.

If any of your friends are looking for a great book that is blunt and direct to the point on weddings, this is the one to get! It's not as pretty as other wedding planning books, but it's those books you can't judge by it's cover and soley on content. The material is a fun and informative read. Hope you like it!