First Half of July Update

7/2: Greg and I met up with my uncle, auntie and cousins at the LAX airport. It was so cute, Greg was practicing his Vietnamese before we met up with the family. =)

7/3: Greg and I met up with Katie and Greg D. for dinner at Pho So 1 and bowling. They were so sweet! They brought us cake and flowers to wish us a happy engagement! =)

7/4 - 7/6: Rest mode to recuperate from my cold =\

7/7: Hungout with the Magcase family for Vince's Birthday and went to the Dodger's game with Katie, Greg D. and Mark San B. It was hilarious when we saw Jonas' parents. I went into the kitchen and Mrs. Magcase said, "Congratulations!" and then Mr. Magcase turned around and said, "You're having a baby?"

Dodgers game was fun in terms of food, but game was alright since they lost.

7/8: Went to mass with my mom and met up with Rosie for Bikram Yoga and Jamba Juice. After I left the studio to meet up with Thitam, my tire blew out! Oh freakin' great!! Well, let's put it this way, if you are ever in need to change a spare tire...I'm your woman now! :D I guess I'm the type to learn it the hard way, it's so hard to be proactive about this type of stuff. Luckily, there was a couple to help me out and explain to me everything. Thank goodness for nice people!! I love Redondo Beach =) Once the tire was all nice and repaired, I drove to Thitam's place to hangout and we all headed to Long Beach for some chicken wings at Hooter's. I swear, they make the best wings...just not the best in style when it comes to the orange nylon shorts and shiny pantyhose, but hey who am I to complain, I'm not working there...I just come to eat =)

7/12: Worked out for the first time in a long time with Tree for Camp 24 and Pilates. It felt so good to be lifting some weights again! I was so proud of our double whammy session! Yay, high five T-hugz...we made it! :D

7/13: Met up with Rosie and Thitam for dinner at Ra in Torrance. Sushi was great and ambiance is really cute. It's in the Del Amo Fashion Center, they renovated the whole area last year and it's the new "promenade" for the South Bay but less crowded than Santa Monica.

7/14 - 7/15: Went to Vegas with Greg and celebrated Grace's bday with their family. It was a lot of fun! We always eat, sleep and relax very well when we're with his parents. We also had the chance to see the "Love" show at the Mirage again. It was so good and if anything, better second time around.

7/16: I took the day off to do my doctor appointments and grad school interview. Got me some new frames and contacts. Going to LMU and meeting the program director was just a reaffirmation of how much I really wanted to pursue teaching. I should hear from them next week, puh-lease pray for me! =) After the meeting, I went over to Theresa's office and hungout, caught up and then we went out to dinner to chit chat. It was fun seeing her again! It's been awhile since I live in the valley and she does a million and one things all the time too.