Thank Goodness for Google!

Oh my am I behind and where do I begin? Well the great thing is that I have my calendar from Google to keep me reminded of all the events that took place within the last two weeks.

San Francisco Trip: 6/29 - 7/1
Friday: Flew to SF with Greg and was engaged at around midnight! :)

Saturday: Greg and I woke up to meet Grace and Kevin for sushi. They were able to share about their experiences in Peru and how they hiked Machu Picchu! Afterwards, Greg and I ventured around the city to shop, have coffee and sightsee. Then we got ready for our outing with Cheryl, Nate, Kara and Cheryl's aunt at Asia SF. This place was loads of fun! It's a gender illusionist restaurant and can I say how hot these guys/girls are...definitely jaw droppers on my part =) After the show, we stopped by Cheryl's place to check out her new pad, it was very nice! Talk about bachelorette kingdom, this place is the epitome! :)

Sunday: Greg and I met up with Virgina, James, Sarah and Shane in Berkeley for brunch. It was so good! It's been awhile since I had Oeuf à la coque, it's basically the french term for soft-boiled eggs. I rarely order it too since they do not offer it at many cafe's. The last time I can recall was when I was in Vietnam and my grandma had a farm so it was safe to have such a meal. Anyhoo, brunch was a lot of fun! Great company and food! I just wish my voice was not out so I could chat more. After brunch, we went to visit my brother Steven at his new place. We took him grocery shopping so he can load up on food for the whole summer. He seems to be doing good and I hope he comes to SD for med school, the family is definitely praying. Then, Greg and I were suppose to meet up with Rema, but it didn't happen because I was afraid to get her sick especially since she just had her baby boy last Saturday on 07/07/07...the luck right? =) So Greg and I decided to take the next flight home and met up with Tree and Sonaj for some Pho So 1 :D

Overall, one of my most memorable trips ever! =)