Rock N' Republic Sample Sale

It almost slipped my mind that I went to the Rock N' Republic sample sale this past Sunday. The experience happened so fast that it just became a memory and I was reminded by Sheryl's blog since she attended the Diesel sale this past weekend too.

The sale was from 10am till 5pm and I was debating whether or not if I could make it as I was still in San Diego. However, while at Extraordinary Desserts, I received a text from my metro coworker stating:

news flash, got 2 pairs for 150. nols 1 for 90. i think it's worth it...some peeps were leavin wit 10+ jeans...

p.s. the music is hella good

As a jeans enthusiast and a liking for comfortable clothing, my jaw dropped and I told the girls about the sale and they responded to me, "I'm sorry Tam, we're not going to make it." So my heart fell and I just accepted that it was not meant to be and it was not going to happen.

Well, we finally made it back home to Tricia's pad and I noticed the time flashing right at me...4:10pm. We all said our goodbye's and I was questioning if I could make it or not. 5 minutes later, I started debating to myself as I drove towards the freeway and at 4:15pm, I was determine to make it.

Woohoo! I arrived there at 4:30pm and had about 30 minutes to do my rounds in this warehouse. Word of caution, if you ever shop at a sample's a community dressing room so please dress accordingly for your undergarments. Anyhoo, I left the place with 2 pairs and let's just not talk about how much I spent, but how much I saved! It just makes me feel better =) A whopping 70%....ahhh yeah!! =) I would definitely recommend this sale! I'll keep you all posted on the next one! =)