6/25 - Monday

Last night was so nice, finally got to see Gerg after a whole weekend of being away from him. He was living it up in Vegas! He told me it was 110 degrees...yikes!! I would have been pruning myself in the pool the whole day. Anyhoo, we met up yesterday to go running around the lake. It was such a good run too, a whole 5 mile loop! We're both trying to train for the mud runs so now we're going to make it a regimen to run every Monday. Plus, it would be good for us so that we can have an activity for the both of us to do together. Only thing we're going to do differently next time is run earlier in the evening. We were leaving the parking lot at around 9pm and saw a coyote on the street! Running is tough alone, but fending for our lives, totally unnecessary...haha..

Anyhoo, I'm so proud of Greg considering he's a skater and does not run that much. He's just naturally athletic, he ran it with no huffing and puffing. Good job Gerg!!!!