6/23 - 6/24 - Michelle's Bday Weekend in San Diego

Another weekend added to my most fun weekends in my life, this one had to be it. It was hilarious, these are definitely those moments where you had to be there! We got to San Diego after picking up everyone around noon and had lunch at the Yardhouse in Downtown SD. After lunch, we decided to walk around gaslamp area and check it out some more. Then, picked up dinner and got ready for our pre-party events. Afterwards, we met up with my brother, Jimmy at "On Broadway." By the end of the night, we had our own after-party in the hotel. Geez, from rug burns, throwing pizza boxes, calling each other names and etc...it was endless fun. I think we had more fun in the hotel....lol. The next morning, we got up to get ready to eat and then had some 'Extraordinary Desserts!' I absolutely love that place!

Some quotes of the weekend:

- Looking at the cheesecake w/no candle, "Pretend like you're going to blow it"
- "Your face is a pizza"
- "Look at my face and check out the skin color, what do you expect?"
- "I need to fart, good thing there's holes in these chairs" (a guy overheard from the next table and started giggling to himself)
- "I got a rug burn on my face!!"
- "Moonshine!"
- "Munchkin!"

Aya! It was crazy, but definitely good times!!! So many more random sayings, but I can't even remember it all. Ahhh, TMF! Too much fun :D