6/22 - Michelle's Birthday & Lis' Farewell....

Last Friday, a group of us went out to Tatou Supper Lounge for Chelle's bday and Lis' farewell. It worked out perfectly since both events were at the same venue! On our way to the lounge as we were walking, I think this one guy was dared to do so started hollering to us saying, "Hit me up on myspace!".....Geez, wouldn't it be embarassing if he really meant it? lol

Then we went inside and April had us hooked up! The promoter is just in love with her and he was not there unfortunately, but we still go the royal treatment for Chelle. I keep remembering Tricia and I asking April, are you sure we don't have to cover this? From champagne, food, drinks and etc, everything was covered! Crazy. But the promoter couldn't find April that night and one message that stood out to me was when he said, "April, remember to bring a toothbrush so we can have breakfast the next morning." hahahaha...I can't believe he even said that, talk about having cajones.

Later on the evening, the rest of the LMU crew came. It was so much fun dancing the night away with everyone. Aaahh, good times always when you're in good company! =)