It's Wednesday and I'm in Love...

I went to work this morning and discovered in my Lotus inbox an email from Greg as shown below....isn't it sweet!? He's so charming :D What a way to start my morning! I felt like I was a character from a novel.

We're going to SF!! It's been awhile since we have spent some QT, so this trip should be nice. We actually scheduled this weekend to be out months in advance, but I had no idea where we were planning to go. I thought it was going to be local too. Awww, what a guy =) Love you Gerg! Thanks for always making me feels so lucky!


With a king bed and 400 square feet of living space, from floors 18 and below the Cool Corner view puts the city's every curve at your feet. Sink into our signature pillowtop bed and goose-down covers. Cuddle on the cushioned banquette. Laze, curled up with a film or CD
from the W library or the soothing sensation of lemon + sage Bliss body treats. One king bed. (400 square feet)

you like? ;-)

btw, you'll be out of town from Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 1st.... ;-)