2 Weeks in a Nutshell...

6/1 - Bikram Yoga with Rosie & Thitam. Afterwards, went for Pinkberry Yogurt and Shamrock's Seafood...yum-o!

6/2 - My Mom's bday!! In the morning, went hiking w/Thitam & Rosie at Will Rogers State Park. Then went walking around Santa Monica and had lunch at "The Counter," a hamburger joint in Santa Monica, where you could create your own burger. Delish! They had all the toppings and cheese you can only imagine. We went to go get threaded in Cerritos by Aruna and went for boba to cool ourselves down. At night, Jim came home and Greg joined my family to celebrate my mom's bday at Cheesecake Factory. It's my mom's favorite restaurant, she never wants to go anywhere else =)

6/3 - Greg threw a bday party for me at his place! It was so much fun and so sweet of him. We had food catered from Lahaina and there were Margherita machines to boot! By the end of the night, we were downing the Jose Cuervo's like they were going out of style! Too much fun, lots of boozing, food and board games! It was perfect! Good times w/great company!! Thanks everyone for making it out!! You guys are awesome! =)

6/5 - My bday! Greg and I were supposed to go to one of my fav's, Christine's and due to traffic and because we were craving Chinese, we went to Sam Woo's instead. I love that place!! We ordered a feast and then we stopped by my place where I discovered a surprise!! Greg got me a new bed!! Woohoo! I loved it!! Gosh, that twin bed was so annoying, I kept waking up w/a backache so it was such a nice surprise!! Thanks Gerg!!! Thanks everyone for all the bday wishes, too sweet! Totally made my day! :D

6/6 - Happy Birthday Yimmay!!! Yeah, I know, my brother is born the day after me....my parents' timing is impeccable...lol

6/9 - Tree, Chelle, April, Marilyn, Thitam, Rosie and Mayuko did a suprise get together for me! I love those girls!! It was so sweet! We went to Ivar that night and danced the night away. It was hilarious, all of us were trying to get into one booth to take pics...yeah, pics to come...some of us fell out and what not. Rosie gave me a patron shot that knocked the life out of me. I swear, it made me want to vow to stop drinking. But yeah, that only lasted for a few days..ha! Thanks Tree for organizing, luv ya T-HUGZ!!! =)

6/10 - Met up w/Greg, Greg D., Precious and Katie for a massage and lunch. It was so nice! I got to learn some new massage techniques for the back, pretty interesting and handy too. After lunch, I met up with Het for Wicked! It was so much fun! I have to say, the best musical by far!! It has to be my favorite. I loved the music, stage setting, costumes and etc. I can rave for hours about it. Thanks so much Hetnappy for taking me!!!! You are awesome!

Once the musical was done, Het and I headed towards Brea to celebrate Yajaira's bday! We hung out at her place for awhile and then had some Indian food for dinner! Yummers!! Het was able to introduce to us some new dishes and we just spent the entire night chatting. It was fun!

6/11 - I went over to Maile's to check out her new place! Totally sweet bachelorette pad, I love it! It overlooks Palos Verdes, you almost feel as if you're in Hawaii when you're hanging out in the balcony. Congrats girl, I'm so stoked for you! After hanging out a bit, we went to Pinkberry and hung around Farmer's market. Then, we tried out a tanning salon since her sister's wedding is coming up in Hawaii and she wanted to try it out first before the day of the wedding since she's a powder like me. It was hilarious!! I almost felt like Ross in the episode of "Friends" when he went to the spray booth. 15 seconds to spray each side wearing a hairnet. Would I ever do it again? Ummm, maybe? But definitely, if you go, make sure to get the "CLEAR" gloss, no bronzer...lol...it was so embarassing! I had drip marks towards my feet and to top it off, the bottom of my feet were a dark bronze color. I could have stamped letterheads and made footprints. Yeah, that lasted for a good week...haha..I lived and learned =) Right after mystic tanning, we went to meet up w/Thitam & Rosie for mexican food in Torrance. We stuffed ourselves and then went to pick up Maile's parents from LAX. We ended the night by watching, "Knocked Up," it was soo funny. I was laughing my socks off.

6/12 - Bowling League tournaments w/the Bowl Cuts. We loss :(

6/13 - Met up with my friend Carol at Hana Grill in Sherman Oaks. It was so nice to be able to catch up w/her again! I haven't seen her for almost a year. We used to work with each other at NWQ. This girl is one talented, independent chic. Love it! She's a trader by day and works in the catering business by night. Super-creative and everytime I meet up w/her, she always has something educational for me to learn =)

6/14 - It was Katie's bday at Max's Fried Chicken. I loved the Buka Pandan, it's a green jelly w/coconut shreddings. It's definitley a hit.

6/15 - I got really sick and had to take the day off. Ended up meeting Tree for lunch since she worked close by to Woodland Hills! =) At night, went to dinner for Presh's bday at C&O and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition to me being sick, I had an almond latte at C&O, which I think was the cause of giving me the runs all weekend long. I think the milk was bad or something. Yeah, I ended breaking into a sweat each time I left the bathroom =\ I was not no happy camper.

6/16 - Woke up really late and even more miserable. I didn't end up making it to Katie's bonfire because I was too sick so I just went to Blockbuster to rent a few dvd's.

6/17 - I didn't make it home for Father's day =( I was too sick to drive home and my parents told me just stay and get better. Gosh I love them, so understanding =)So I ended up sleeping and resting the whole day. Met up with Greg, Greg D, Presh and Katie for dinner at Hooters.

Yay, I'm officially caught up!!! :D