Happy Birthday Jonas - Camping in Sequoia on Memorial Weekend

All these weekend excursions lately, I am definitely having a blast. I'm loving life right now =) This past weekend, we went camping and roughed it minus the automatic flushing toilets. We all pitched our own tents, cooked our own food over a fire pit and drove 6+ hours one way.

Greg and I got to spend some time together and it was great just seeing him being able to relax and enjoy himself. He's been working some grueling hours and it was good to see him not in a front of a black screen =) This trip made me appreciate him as my bf even more so....he's so great with everyone, I love it. It's comforting when you're other half is someone you admire and want to achieve to be like...thanks Gerg for being such a great influence on me! =)

Highlights of the Trip:

- going on two hikes
- eating and boozing
- catch phrase
- you don't know me game
- mafia
- cooking
- hanging out at the lake
- good convo's
- sonic burgers

(sigh) I'm exhausted now.....