Maile's Birthday Weekend - May 19th till May 20th

This was definitely one of my favorite weekends! It was absolutely fun! Thitam, Rosie, Mayuko, Maile and I went up to Temecula for Maile's 30th birthday! What a memorable time =) We went wine tasting at three different wineries - Callaway, Wilson and South Coast. My favorite would have to be Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyard, they have one of the best champagne I ever tasted. It's called, "Grand Cuvee." They also have an almond champagne, which has the aroma of almond milk tea, but does not have the taste of it. If you ever go wine tasting, definitely check out the "Grand Cuvee." It's crisp, refreshing and light.

After wine tasting, we had a picnic and had port wine cheese, brie, crackers and cranberry gorgonzola salad with champagne. We just ate, chat and enjoyed the weather. It was such a beautiful day! One our wine tasting tour was completed, we trailed back to our resort, Pala Mesa in Falbrook.

Maile was hilarious because she kept saying how she felt fooled by the website upon arrival. The resort was nice, it was just a different style....more rustic if anything. It almost looked as if we were going to summer camp, she kept saying, "I wonder what it takes to be considered a resort nowadays."

We took a long nap and then got ready for the evening. Dinner was at the Thorton Winery and the food was delish, yet service was pretty bad unfortunately. We were at dinner from 7:30pm till was the never-ending dinner. It took about only 30 minutes of eating and the rest was waiting. Aside from that, food was great and ambiance was really nice! Once we were done with dinner, we headed out to Pechanga to party! I never realized there was a mini-Vegas in California, music was good and we saw Kwame Brown from the Lakers! I'll post his pic soon! =)

After a long nite of dancing, we trekked back to get some zzz's in and also pack up for the next morning. Sunday morning, we woke up and got ready to go to Glen Ivy Springs in Corona. It was so nice! I love that place! I could spend the whole day at that spa. The food is pretty good too, healthy and light! We were just lounging and tanning most of the day. Then went to do the mud bath, roman baths and steam room. It was very relaxing...loved it. I even discovered a great tanning oil from Thitam, Banana Boat Tanning Oil SPF 4. Yay, something to work on my albino complexion =)

Once we were OD'ed from the sun, we decided to chomp at a local town and I treated myself to a burger, chili fries and rootbeer float =) Then, we visited the candy shop where we bought ourselves some treats on the way back. I don't know why I decided to buy sugar-free chocolate gummy bears after my dinner, but A for effort right? =)