Playing Catch-Up Once Again....

Hmmm...let me just brief it into an outline from last Friday, May 11th till today!

Friday 5/11 - After work, went home to pack up for the weekend and then headed over to Aruna's home to get threaded and wax with Het. Once we were done with our maintenance, we went over to Lis' place to drop off the suitcase and help Lis pack for her 3 week excursion to Asia! We wished her off to a safe trip and then headed to Taco Bell for some late night dinner and knocked out.

Saturday 5/12 - Got up early to get our manicures and pedicures done. Then got ready for the wedding! It was my first Indian wedding! So Het dressed me up in a sari and the whole shabang...I was bindhi'd for the first time! Pictures to come! It was a lot of fun, I got to learn a lot about the Indian culture and their rituals. It was such a beautiful wedding. It was taken place at the Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens. For the reception, it was an Indian/Chinese buffet...I was in my own heaven :) After the dancing, we headed back to Het's place and watched "Because I Said So." It was honestly, "okay," nothing to rant and rave about.

Sunday 5/13 - Went to do the Mother's day reading at Mass. Then came home to celebrate with my parents. We ate, talked and watched two blockbuster movies. We saw "Blood Diamond" and "Departed." Both were excellent movies. I must say, Leonardo di Caprio looked like McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy in Blood Diamond. I never realized how they much resembled each other.

Monday 5/14 - After work I met up with Deacon Van and his family, Thitam and Thithoa to celebrate Maryan's graduation from college! We went to Tam O'Shanter, a sister restaurant of Lawry's in Hollywood. This place is a must! Same exact menu and quality as Lawry's, just more reasonable in price and no carving right in front of your table :)

Tuesday 5/15 - Bowling Practice with my bowling team! haha Before bowling while Greg and I were waiting for Greg D. and Katie, we were just hanging out in the arcade room. Talk about an intense game of air hockey! The score was tied at 4-4, I wanted to win so bad too. Then, we played DDR..hilarious! Once we were stomping at the same time, it dawned to me that we were finally understanding when to step. Hahaha! Katie and Greg D. walked in on us as we had our game face on and all sweaty! Hilarious! After that, we played 2 games of bowling. I did okay this time, didn't break, I need to step it up for next week. It's League time!

Wednesday 5/16 - It was haircut day with my lady, Elizabeth Cortez from Aveda. I love her, she's so nice and warm all the time! Definitely pay her a visit if you ever go to Topanga Mall. You'll walk out happy :)

Thursday 5/17 - Took my Camp 24 and Pilates class with Katie, Greg D. and Tricia. What an amazing workout! I loved it! They were both Tina's class, she totally rocks when it comes to workout routines and lifting weights. I'm addicted.

Friday 5/18 - Gonna go have a boardgame night at Tree's place. Keeping it simple and chill :)

Weekend Fun - Celebrating Maile's 30th Birthday in Temecula!!! Details to come :)