Using My Techniques in Real Situations

Just got back from my workout, I took the 24 SET class for lifting purposes. Before class though, I was really hungry so I was in need of something to supress my hunger. Luckily, I discovered Maui Wowi by the 24 Hour Fitness Gym. It's actually a franchise focusing on healthy smoothies and beverages. They rate an A+ in my book for great taste and the no guilt factor to boot =) All of their smoothies are puree from natural fruits, nuts and etc imported from Hawaii. Isn't that awesome? So this type of smoothie does not need ice cream to give it a thicker consistency, it is the way it is =)

Anyhoo, back to my subject line. I just got home and went upstairs. Then all of a sudden, I heard banging or movement coming from downstairs or in my surrounding area. I couldn't pinpoint where the noise was coming from so I went downstairs to check out the scene since it almost sound like someone was getting through the doors. At this point, I was freaked out inside, but tried my best to stay compose. So being the dork that I am, I flickered the living room light and was in my kickbox stance (yeah I know, but really, what other fighting position did I know?)...I guess I was ready to use my roundhouse move on whoever it was. I looked in the closet and pantry and etc..nothing...I was praying hard that the person was not under the curtain cause at the point, I think I was about to faint and hold my surrender flag. Nope, I didn't see any feet and I assumed I was probably just hearing things. Went back up the stairs and said, "Lizette...Lizette...are you here?" (PURE SILENCE)

I went to my room to calm my nerves and started typing on the blog to help me forget about my current situation. All of a sudden, appearing right in front of my door was my roommate, but before I realized that it was her when I looked up, I shuffled myself and the laptop a bit, letting out a heave, my eyes wide-open with a racing heartbeat. LAME...I swear, I need to stop watching commercials of horror