Swapping Lives by Jane Green

This book is from the same author of "Jemima J." The story focuses on how we may all always assume that the grass is greener on the other side, when our present situation might be the best for us. Vicky is the editor of a famous fashion magazine called 'Poise." Doesn't that sound familiar? It's the same magazine company mentioned in the movie, "13 going on 30" with Jennifer Garner. Vicky has the ultimate single life, a gorgeous flat in London, great career, wonderful family but just missing one thing, her "soulmate." As for Amber, she lives in a McMansion in Connecticut with perfect husband and kids. However, through the midst of being married and everday life, Amber feels as if she might have lost herself through the years.

They both get an opportunity to swap their lives for a whole month to see if it's true that life is better than their imagination? Through this process, they were able to learn more about themselves and see what they need to do to appreciate what they have =)

Overall, the book starts off extremly slow. A lot of character building in almost 3/4 of the book, which is good but at the same time you almost feel as if, "okay, get to it already." In the last quarter of the book, the excitement begins and that is exactly when I could not put the book down. It's entertaining and fun to read, definitely a good message of loving the life you have now =)