Bowling Practice with the Bowl Cuts

On Tuesday was our usual bowling practice day and guess what!? I FINALLY bowled over 100 pointes...woohoo!!! For awhile, I felt a little sad being the handicap for the team all the time, I always felt as if they had to make up for my score. Bowling league is going to start on May 22nd, so I'm sure we'll be able to squeeze in a few more practice sessions before the day comes.

I sorta figured out a strategy for myself, I cannot look at the pins when I throw. I just need to concentrate on the arrows in the lane....aahhhh! Yeah, everyone has their own technique, but this one worked for me on the 2nd game. Thank goodness, I'm improving or else I would have threw in the towel and ask them to replace me...haha.
Before practice, Greg and I went to Daglas, a local burger joint for some tasty fries! They are known for their famous fries. My review, I like them...a little bit on the salty side, but McDonalds', Jack N' Box, and Red Robbin's fries would win by a landslide any day. It was just good to try and be "in the know."

Once bowling practice was done, we all decided to go to Target to pick up things we need. Yeah, that really works for me. Ha! I picked up A LOT of stuff, but ended up eliminating because there were a lot of potential purchases that were categorized under, "I want," than "I need." At the end of the night, I checked out my new Boggle game set, allergy eye drops and Amy Tan's book - Saving Fish From Drowning. Yay, only 3 items, one "need" and two "want" items! =)