So today I went to work and felt kinda bleh when I opened my internet explorer and typed in "goowy.com"...surprise, surprise, my link to AIM has been officially blocked. (sigh)

After months of using it, I have no other resources to keep me in touch with my friends, family and etc. That is such a downer I'm telling you. What else is next? Can you believe I'm also blocked from ofoto.com? What is that all about? ESPN too? Not that it's heartbreaking for me to lose ESPN, but still! Slowly but surely, I'm feeling as if I'm losing my independence each day in corporate America. Aaya!

K, I don't mind them taking away all the browsing stuff, but AIM? I haven't been this disappointed in awhile...trust me, it takes a lot. So this discovery totally gave me the long face all morning. This is definitely sad for a Gemini since we are the sign of communication.

Oh boo! I just need some time to get over it. Bleeh!