Monday Workout

After work yesteday, I attempted the TKB (turbo kickbox) and Weight-Lifting class at the 24 Hour Fitness Gym in Falbrook. I must say, one of the best classes I've taken! It comes really close to cycling in terms of intensity level. The instructor's name is Tina and she usually teaches the 24 S.E.T. class on Thursday. Her kickboxing class takes it to a whole another level though with some great cardiovascular routines. From jump kicks, roundhouses and different types of jumps...this is not your average girlie kickboxing class. I was sweating like mad afterwards. Then, took the weight-lifting class right after with the same instructor too! Her weight-lifting class is really good also. I thought I try this class to prepare and brace myself for the mud run since I need to work on my upper body a bit more. Throughout the class, I had to take little 5 second breaks because of the numbness in my muscle and had to shake it out. Especially on the squats! I knew it was an intense class when I felt my body kind of shaking throughout the class, but all was good after the stretch! Aaah, I'm happy I found a class that fits what I like! Kudos to great instructors! =)