Happy Birthday Mrs. Lontok!!!

5/5 - 5/6

It was Greg's mom's birthday and she wanted to celebrate it in Vegas. It was so much fun, very relaxing when I spend time with his family. They are so nice! Once Greg and I landed, we were waiting for Grace and her new beau, Kevin. It was good seeing Grace again, I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving (gasp). Her boyfriend is really nice too and I can tell he treats her well also. Then we were picked up by Greg's and Grace's parents and headed off to a filipino buffet for lunch. It was the best buffet of filipino food I ever had. I was all over the bakaong (shrimp paste) and kare kare (oxtail stew). I swear, I could have the shrimp paste with rice all day long, I know, I can be so asian huh? haha

After lunch, we went to their Henderson home to hangout and walk around the community center. We found a jacuzzi and just hungout there to soak a bit, it was so nice having the desert view in front of us too! We went grocery shopping afterwards and when we went home, Kevin and Grace taught Mrs. Lontok and I how to play Poker - Texas Hold 'Em! Yay, so now I understand how to play a little!! It's pretty fun, I was only able to win one round and I just simply happy to grasp a little of the game. Now I just need to learn what hand is higher and memorize all the hands. I still need a cheat sheet =). Following several rounds of poker games, we all decided to take a nap before our dinner and show.

We ended up going to the Monte Carlo buffet and saw the Lance Burton Magic Show. Both were really good and the show was entertaining. It's funny as we grow up, when we watch a magic show, we try more to understand how they do their tricks than just taking it in as magic. I found myself questioning, "how did he get there so fast?" throughout the show! haha

Sunday, we went to church and had brunch at "El Jeffe." This place has the best chips and salsa ever! Their chips taste like pita chips, I can't wait till they have a chain out in California. Once we got home, Mrs. Lontok opened up all her gifts and we had cake!! We played the game, "Boggle" for a bit and then went to our massage sessions at "Massage Envy." About two hours later, we were heading to the airport on our way back home to California. It was definitely a very fun and relaxing trip. Loved it!