Happy Birthday Theresa!!!!

Friday - May 4th

After work, I went to go get ready really quick to go to Mass with Theresa, Lidia, Het and Lis. It was the request from the birthday honoree, Theresa! Her birthday is on Cinco de Mayo and we thought to celebrate it that evening. After mass, we headed out towards "Purple Orchid" in El Segundo where her other friends met up also. It's a local dive bar, where Theresa chugged down her Volcano Bowl of Mai Tai courtesy of us gals! Ha! She was pretty gone towards the end of the night and we took her home as she lay in bed giggling. LOL Too funny, but definitely memorable! =)

Moments throughout the Evening that caught our attention:

- A couple in church with full-on PDA (ie kissing, stroking her hair and etc)...aya!
- We sat at the booth for the longest time waiting to be served and realized we were at a dive bar, so it was self-serve....good thing we caught on or else we would have sat there all night...haha
- We were so hungry and they had no food at the bar so we were munching on Doritos and Trail Mix with our martinis...classy isn't it?
- Birthday Girl Theresa sat two seats away from me and decided to text me cause she couldn't speak to me...haha