First week of May Recap

Monday - Just rested after work and did absolutely nothing =)

Tuesday - Went bowling with Katie, Greg D. and Greg L....they actually volunteered me for their bowling league. I don't think they knew what they were getting themselves into enrolling me in it. If anything, they're going to have to make up for my lack of points. Aaay, I don't like being the anchor on the boat. Maybe I should practice bowling by myself? hahaha

Wednesday - Met up to go tennis, but we ended up shopping instead. What a trade-off of activities right? Haha...well, she needed stuff for her trip and I just wanted to use my family and friends discount! Woohoo!

Thursday - Going to meet up w/Greg D. for pilates and then afterwards, maybe stopping by the MagNguyen's resident to sing and cheer for Jonas' birthday! =)
Friday - Planning to meet up with Theresa at church for her birthday and depending on how the Birthday Queen feels, we'll do what she wants to, eat dessert or etc =)

Saturday thru Sunday - Flying out to Vegas for Greg's mom's birthday! So many Taurus around me eh? Anyhoo, should be fun! We are going to see a magic show on Saturday night. I'm excited for that one! Plus it would be nice to spend some time with his family. I haven't seen them for a long while already and it would be great to catch up.