Weekends to Remember

Friday night, I made it a low key night and just stayed home and caught up on all the mundane chores of everyday life. Unfortunately, closing my eyes and being in denial will never make my laundry go away. So I got into a little craze with the whole cleaning, laundry and vacuuming bit. Seriously, I do not mind cleaning and vacuuming at all, it doesn't get me agitated all that much. But laundry, that's a whole another story altogether. I don't mind throwing it in, it's the folding. What a tedious job for me, you would think out all the inventions they come up with nowadays, I would hope they have a dryer that has a folding function with it. (Sigh) You can have the Barbie, but not always the dreamhouse right? haha...Sorry, just had to vent about laundry. I don't get annoyed easily and it takes a lot, but folding could just change my personality...I'm an instant grump. I really try to stay positive and thinking it as a way to meditate...but no, doesn't work. I guess this is something in life I just have to deal with...haha

Anyhoo, I got up at the crack of dawn to meet up with Tricia, Katie, Marilyn, Chelle, April and Stace for the fashion district. I haven't been there for years, so it was interesting to see what was available. It's definitely a hit or miss. I was able to find a pair of workout pants for $5! I have to say my favorite purchase was the deep conditioner at the beauty supply store.

Seriously, if you're going to spend money on the beauty salon hair products, going to downtown is best if you live close by! You could save a lot of $$ purchasing it at the fashion district. I got the "Bonacure" deep conditioner for $40 total w/tax and an additional 20% discount. It's well worth it for me since I don't really have time to go get my hair deep conditioned and that usually ranges at least $30 per visit. The "Bonacure" set comes with at least 8 usage and are individually packaged. When I spoke to the lady, she mentioned that the Bonacure deep conditioner brand is as good as the Kerastase Masqueintense. It cost less because of the name. Kerestase Masqueintense usually runs about $80 for the little jar if bought at a normal supply store, but at the district it was $50. Price is really good for that particular product, but "Bonacure" is just as good for a lesser price and just a difference in brand name. I tried it too that day and I loved it, helps your hair feel a lot softer and shinier. My hair has been going through war ever since my "Cousin It" episode, so it's in the reconstruction phase...hopefully this will help! =)

After the district, we left to go to Daphne's for Greek food. I love their vegetarian combo, especially the spinach and feta wrap!

Then, we went to the beach to lay out. We stayed for an hour and left to go do some more shopping at Westside Pavillion since it was getting cloudy and breezy.

We were at the mall for an hour and I jetted home afterwards to meet up with my parents. I was helping my mom get ready and doing her makeup and all! It was fun! She's hilarious, she was all worried I was gonna make her look like a 20-year old...she was lecturing me through the process making sure I realize how old she is and she doesn't want to look "too young"...haha. Once my parents took off to the wedding, it was my turn to get ready and I met up with Thitam so we can go see Leah perform!

Leah was performing at the "Welcome Cafe" in Redondo Beach. It was about 15 minutes away from my place and I wanted to come support her. Her style emulates "Pink." It was so good to see her again! She is absolutely adorable and such a great singer too! My favorite would have to be "Naked in the Inside." She has so much tenacity and is a wonderful representation of a strong, independent asian female vocalist. I love witnessing people who do exactly what they love and enjoy, it inspires me even more so. She's going to be performing at the Viper Room on July 8th. There should be a lot of scouts that night....good luck Leah!!! Wishing you the best always!! =)

If you want to check out her site: www.leahrocks.com

Once the performance was over, Thitam and I went to grab dinner at Popeye's Chicken. I love that place...haha...the best fries and fried chicken....yummers.

Then, we went to Tokio Bar and met up with the other girls. Fun times!! I haven't drank for a whole month, so I thought it was going to be in trouble. But fortunately, I was A-okay with all the grease I ate for dinner..haha...The other girls tapped out by midnight and Thitam and I were not ready to give up our glass slippers just yet so we headed to Highlands to dance the rest of the night. Gosh, we did not get home till 4:30am. Aya! I was beat tired the next morning.

On Sunday, I met up with my Goddaughter and Greg at church to celebrate her confirmation! It was her big day and hearing Bishop Santoris speak during the homily made me feel so honored to be a sponsor. Gosh, I just want the best for Van :) After the mass, Greg and I went to dinner with her family. It was a lot of fun! They were so sweet trying to make Greg feel welcomed and Greg was trying his best to bust out with all the Vietnamese word he knew. It was a great time overall, it was nice to see all the little kids I use to teach taking the next step in their spiritual life. I can't believe it has been 10 years already....