Last Weekend

Friday - Helped Tree move w/her and Katie, then we went to Coffee Bean and Hookah Cafe...haha..I love random nights :) Tree's friend owns a Hookah Cafe close by, it's really cute. I definitely recommend Mango :)

Saturday - Went to San Diego and got to see my little bro! We met up with Greg, Precious, Meena, Ryan, Paul and Tina at Sea World! I finally got to see Shamu for the first time...haha..After Sea World, we went to Sam Woo for dinner and then had Coldstone's for dessert.

Sunday - We went to have brunch at Meena's cousin's place in San Diego. Then head back to LA. I napped the whole way back due to food coma so I didn't get to remember much...ooops =\ I was dropped off at my parent's place since both Greg's had to go to El Segundo to work. It was nice hanging out with them though, we were able to catch up and hangout. I gave both of my parents massages and all...haha...since they said they have been having a hard time falling asleep, so I hope they were able to knock out after that :)