Once the retreat was over on Sunday, I headed home to pick up food from my parents. I know, I'm still living it up like college style bringing food from home...I love it! After hanging out with my parents, I headed over to Tree's and Jonas' place to see their new condo and help them pack :)

Their new place is so nice!! About 5 minutes away from their old place too, so they'll still be local to their family and friends. They were able to paint all the rooms in one weekend. I am absolutely in love with the living room. It's an army green with a grey tint. It also has a very modern ceiling fan too! Congrats homies on your new purchase!! It's the new MagNguyen property! :)

It was so funny cause I came back from the retreat and you know, all those revelations and emotional moments during faith sharing time can put you on a sensitive side. So I was helping Tree pack with her and Chelle. Chelle and I were in charge of a part of the room that was filled with frames, photos and momentos. We convinced Tree to play her anniversary cd that Jonas made for her....I was all sappy, wanting to hear Eternal Flame and all...haha. Then I even read out a framed letter that Jonas wrote to her. It was so sweet. She didn't want me to read it, but I did it anyways. It's kind of those things that are great reminders, I knew she would appreciate it and get all touched...haha...As we were packing, Chelle and I got to go through the photo albums, can't believe how the years flew by. After packing, we went to Coffee Bean and treated ourselves to a nice soothing drink!