This week went by so fast! I love it =)

Monday - Went to cycling and pilates with Katie and Greg D. Then went to BJ's with Greg L and had dinner and pizooki. I love that stuff! We all promised each other to go get one after lent since we gave up dessert for 40 days! So it was definitely a nice treat.

Tuesday - Met up with Tricia after work to go cycling. The instructor was insane, but I like insane cause that means guarantee great workout session! Afterwards, went home and chatted with Lizette and Janet.

Wednesday - I caught up on my American Idol on and was thoroughly impressed with Sanjaya's performance. I had to play his part twice to make sure if I thought he did well or not since I was not too crazy about the guy. However, I must say, pretty impressive. But my favorite is Blake, he has all-around talent and always a solid performance delivered aside from that one time when he sang, "You Keep Me Hanging On."

Greg came over after his skate session and we watched " The Lakehouse." Thitam had it, so I borrowed it and thought, "why not check it out?" Overall, I enjoyed the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reaves, but seriously? Falling in love from different time periods. I don't know, I would be spooked if I received mail from someone of the future. Sounds like a ghost if anything for me and plus, how would I explain it to my friends and family? I know, I know, I guess that's why it's a movie and it is entertaining. I thought the ending was sweet and felt moved by it. So entertainment value is a plus, but story is alright, just have to use your imagination =)

Tonite, Greg L., Greg D., Katie, Markie and I are going mountain biking after work!! We'll be attacking the trail in Chesebro. I'm excited!! It'll be my first trail on a mountain aside from nice strolls on the beach that I usually venture.

After the bike ride, I'm going home to pack for my weekend retreat. I'm looking forward to it! It'll be a chance for me to hangout with Father Tri. It's been awhile since we last hungout and usually when we do see each other, it's a quick hello after mass so this time, it would be nice =) This retreat I'm going to is called Dong Hanh, it's a Vietnamese CLC for Southern California. Father Tri suggested that I go since he thinks it would be good training for me once I get into teaching as well. It's going to be at the Marywood Retreat Center in Orange. So I'll be taking off tomorrow on my 56 mile drive one way...aaaya! Honestly though, I'm excited about it...something new is always fun =)