Weekend Synopsis

Friday Night - Went to a Karaoke bar and hungout with my buddies from LMU, it was so good seeing everyone again. Het, Lis, Theresa, Yajaira, Ernest and Theresa's friends from grad school were able to make it out. We just chatted most of the time and let all the participants sing, there was surprisingly a long wait to go up to the mic and belt a tune.

Saturday - Met up with my old and good friend Rema in Long Beach for brunch. We ate at "Old Sesame," a pretty famous Lebanese restaurant. It was absolutely delish! Since Rema was there, I was able to try new dishes that I never heard of and will definitely try again. She shared me with some great news of her being 6 months pregnant. She looked so cute with her tiny belly! It was great seeing her again =) I don't get to see her much because she lives up north now w/her hubby, Chadi.

After brunch, I went over to Thitam's place to give her bday gift and start her birthday celebration. She decided that she wanted to go the beach and hangout, so we went to Redondo to lay out a bit. But it got real cold after 2 hours and we treked back home to get ready for dinner. We went to dinner at one of my favorite places in Torrance, Christine's. They have a very creative menu! We ordered family style and were able to share everything. It was nice hanging out w/the girls again...Rosie, Thithoa and Maile made it out too! Afterwards, Thitam wanted to dance so we headed out to Hermosa Beach. We went to Dragon, which is at the end of the boardwalk. Music is alright there to be honest, primarily electronica...nuff said. But it was just fun to celebrate Thitam's birthday and seeing her happy =) I even bumped into Katie and April that night, I guess all the LMU'ers were in Hermosa!

Sunday - Met up with Katie and Tricia in Marina Del Rey to go biking and brunch. It was a nice ride from Marina to Santa Monica, nice and pleasant =). Then we had brunch at a local care and headed back to our cars.

Katie and I went to mass right after for Palm Sunday. Mind you, we had no idea it was going to be a Spanish mass...oops! It's okay, it was the Palm Sunday mass so the story is always clearly embedded in my mind. I just had to follow all the notions of the audience though, sit, stand, kneel and etc.

After mass, Katie and I met up with Tricia to DSW, have dinner at Sushi Mac and we went to get pedicures! It was hilarious at the pedicure place, these Vietnamese ladies had no idea that I was Vietnamese. The lady doing my feet started complaining about me, "Out of the three girls I have, I get the one that chats and moves the most...yada yada yada." So I thought it would be funny to let her know I understood what she said. I was chatting to her other coworker and then they figured out I was Vietnamese and I told my lady that I knew what she was talking about and better be careful next time...haha...I said it jokingly, so she just laughed and was pretty embarassed.

Once our feet was all nice and done, I went over to Tricia's place to get ready for the art show held by Mia. The event and venue was cool and I really wanted to go to see some of her work. Mia's work was primarily photography representing HIV and Aids in Malaysia.

Overall, fun and exhausting weekend. It is Thursday and I'm still recovering from my 101 activities in 3 days. So I'm totally looking forward to this chill and laidback, family fun-filled weekend :D