Oahu Vacation

Last Thursday morning, I took off to Hawaii and overall, it was a fun trip =) What did I do out there?

- Attempted for a tanning session and baked myself on Waikiki Beach
- Walked around Waikiki
- Kept it low-key that night and watched "Grey's Anatomy"

- Highlight: Surfing!! I had so much fun, I think I might attempt it out in California this summer. I think I found a new possible hobby!
- Went to go lay in the beach some more and ate some great Chinese food on our way back to the hotel.
- At night, met up with Aryn and Kona in Zanzibar. It was good seeing them again! Been almost 3 years since I've last seen them. They are doing good as usual. Kona is leaving to Asia for 3 months and Aryn might be visiting Vietnam in the summer.

- Walked in the morning almost 4 miles to look for the restaurant and coffeehouse we wanted to try on Friday. I swear, we were not even prepared. We didn't even know it was going to take that long, we were wearing our dresses and flip flops, had I known, I would have busted out the sneakers...yeah, we looked like a picture of plain exhuastion by the time we were eating....haha...fun times though, got to see alot of Waikiki and Honolulu.
- Met up with Kathy and Amanda, the other girls on the trip just flew in.
- Rosie and I went to go lay out and sleep in the sun. We were able to catch the festival and afterwards, we went back to our hotel to change and run along the sunset. We ran all the way to Diamond Bar, it was one of my favorite moments of the weekend too.
- Then we went to go grab dinner with the rest of the girls at a sushi bar.
- At night, we took off to Monkey Bar in the Hyatt Hotel to go dancing and saw Aryn and his high school buddies =)

- Went to the Aloha Swapmeet
- Dropped off the girls at the Dole Plantation
- Took a trip to Northshore and Matsumoto's Shaved Ice =)
- Grabbed lunch from a roach coach - Giovanni's Shrimp Van...it was absolutely delish! Covered with garlic and olive oil, my fav :D
- Walked around Turtle Bay Resort
- Visited the Nut Farm
- Drove the scenic route to see the east side of Oahu
- Then I got ready for my flight back home :(

I flew in Monday morning at 5:30am...yikes!! Can I say I think I'm getting too old to be pulling off the red-eye flights and driving 30 plus miles to get to work, change and start the day. I've been honestly wiped out the last two days, but it was worth it. I like to maximize my time if possible =)

My workout schedule has been pretty off the last two days, well I haven't been working out actually, so nothing is off....it's just not happening. I'm looking forward to attempt running today!

Overall, I can never get sick of Hawaii. I love that place, it's a place where I can always visit again and again =)