Why I love Aveda....

Last Friday, I attempted to dye my own hair to get back to my natural color. I usually get it done, but I was thinking...why not try it out and see if I can handle this on my own and be my own woman or what not. Well, I did it Friday night and was tormented by my own color. I did not even want to blowdry it because I did not want to see how it turned out. I thought it was better for me to just deal with it the next morning. I woke up and found an image of resemblance to Wednesday from the Adam's Family. It was horrible!! I did not cry but I just looked at it and thought, "Dammit, I knew this was going to happen...oh great, now I look like Cousin It." (sigh)

For the following days, I tried to embrace it but still, never got any close to the full embracement. It was weird, I almost looked like I was wearing a helmet. Half of my head was black and the other half was light brown. My hair was definitely in ponytail position.

Yesterday, the itch got stronger and I called my new favorite salon - Aveda. I have gotten my haircut there last month and bought a lot of stuff from them. I like their mission and purpose, how they are environment friendly and believe in using organic and natural products for beauty. So I was thinking, maybe I'll try to get them to fix this mess I have here and try their haircolor since it based off plant extracts and etc and will not harm the environment.

They were really nice and helped me out a lot. Giving me a whole consultation before I started my color process. Now, I'm able to grow my hair out with no visible roots. A lot more low-maintenance and just what I needed. Thanks Aveda!!!